Here is a list of the different accessories we use for the setting up our services.

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Cabinets are selected for their durability and protection of your assets. We have a wide selection of options to give customers the flexibility they need to get the right cabinet for their security

Uninterrupted Power Supply

It's highly recommended that you use a UPS to protect your investment as your power supply is not always guaranteed to be reliable.

We have UPS solutions for all sized security systems, covering all situations from rack mounts to stand alone units with back-up battery power.

Control Room &


Intercoms may be used in your home, apartment building or office. Video intercoms are a simple method of controlling who enters your building. In most cases your CCTV security system can be connected to your intercom system.

You have the choice of a large selection of intercom solutions. Not only do we supply a large range we also install intercom systems, including the flexible system through to the
latest models.


Control Systems

SSE Installations has a large selection of access control systems that can be customised to your needs.

Remote Access Over Phone System

By incorporating a SIM card into an access control device you can allocate a mobile phone number to the security system. Approved visitors can be provided the number to call to gain
access. You can also set-up the device to recognise visitors' mobile numbers via caller ID and unlock the door. As the device doesn't actually answer the call there is no fee to receive the call.

Office Locking

To improve your office security we can provide a range of locking solutions. We supply the latest in slim-line designs that are both attractive and functional. These systems are multi-
purpose and can also be incorporated into your home security system if desired.

Commercial Access Control System

If you run a business or maintain apartment buildings we have the ideal commercial access control system to keep your premises safe from unwanted visitors. Our full access control systems are designed to allow the free flow of authorized personnel to and from a site, while denying access to unauthorized visitors.


There are a range of options for transmitting video signals across long distances. Fibre optic modules can facilitate multi-channel video transmissions or another alternative may be the
combination of a reception amplifier and twisted pair transmitter. We will identify the right system for your unique situation.

Red Light

For superior performance and lasting durability we can provide you with quality infra-red LED illuminators. Utilising the best surface mounted LEDs it's possible to achieve outstanding night
vision and capture reliable pictures with great clarity.

Powered Remote Camera Site

These systems have been developed to work alongside existing WLAN. The system transmits premium quality real-time encrypted audio and video using an outdoor WAP.

- It will connect to all types of IP devises such as network servers or cameras.
- It can also utilise analogue video signals.

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