Professional Access Control Installation

The protection of your business is our priority; that’s why SSE offers personalized commercial-grade alarm systems so you can rest easy. We offer security equipment such as easy-to-use hardwired and wireless systems with 24/7 localized monitoring to ensure constant watch and support

Professional CCTV Installation

SSE offers the most cutting-edge cameras on the market, as well as VMS and video analytics software to expand the reach of your surveillance system. Our CCTV installation experts carefully plan, customize and integrate a wide range of commercial security cameras specific to the unique needs of your business.

Innovative security solutions tailored to your unique business

We guarantee to provide total client satisfaction through the use of commercial-grade equipment, first-class installation practices, and exceptional service.

Security Consulting

No Allegiance

Our consultants have no allegiance to manufacturers. Instead, they prioritize the Operational Requirements and CCTV Strategy as agreed and approved by our clients, with a ‘Best Value’ approach to specification and procurement.

The Marketplace

The international CCTV industry is saturated with hundreds of manufacturers and installers of cameras, display, control and recording systems. Analogue, Digital, AHD, TVI, CVI, IP, HD, and AHD are just a few common CCTV system formats available in the marketplace. Our security consulting team has got the technology to bring you streamlined solutions with ease.

Network Interface

Wi-Fi Broadcast

Wi-Fi systems connected to your fibre backbone network offer dependable, remote access to your security system.

Wireless Link

Supply & install network through building or complex to cater for IP any IP system such as:

  • CCTV
  • Intercom
  • Access Control
  • Alarm
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wireless

Access Control

Monitor, control and secure access to your business as a whole or designated area. Access control is part of a multi-layered approach to
security and protects the safety and security of your staff, visitors, and any
critically essential business functions.

We offer the following types of access control systems:

• Network Solutions: Web-based / Cloud Access Control remote via smartphone.
• Keypad Access Control.
• Biometric Access Control (fingerprint access).
• Proximity Access Control with key cards and fobs.
• Turnstile / Entrance Gate Access Security system.

Lighting installation

We transform commercial and industrial lighting into LED lighting systems using advanced LED technology. Linear tube fluorescents account for over half (58%) of the combined lighting energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Australia's industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Replace your old lighting systems with energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly options and cut down on costs while increasing the overall protection of your business.


We supply either periodic or comprehensive maintenance services to meet your budget and
ensure your security system’s optimal performance.

Our security professionals offer straightforward guidance on what services your newly installed
equipment will need, so you know what to expect in the future.

Lawsuit Section

Our CCTV systems can help monitor high-risk areas where a person(s) could hurt themselves or others, possibly protecting your business from an expensive lawsuit.

In most cases, there are no witnesses for many of these incidences; video footage can assist with flagellant insurance claims and confirmation of duty of care by the property owner when said incident happened.

Our technicians can pinpoint high-traffic areas around your building and install camera systems to ensure constant 24/7 watch.

Secure Property

Your business security is our priority. SSE will design, supply and install an individualized CCTV
security camera systems package to meet your budget and needs.

Our intelligent equipment combined with our superior lighting options will provide your
business with 24/7 monitoring so that you can obtain peace of mind.

Monitor Public & Staff Movement

All high-traffic entry/exit points and internal areas in your building have the potential for theft and damage without a solid surveillance system.

A CCTV surveillance system is essential to the reduction of employee theft and shoplifters. It also assists in the monitoring of shelved products and their movement around loading dock areas.

Additionally, our surveillance system helps you easily monitor production lines and personnel to study and evaluate areas that need improvement within your business with video playback features.

We guarantee to provide total client satisfaction through the use of commercial-grade
equipment, first-class installation practices, and exceptional service.
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