Software Image Processing & Recording

Image Processing & Recording

Here is a list of image processing and recording software that we use
for the process of setting up, maintaining and checking our services and products.

Please visit our CCTV Camera Services and Security Alarm Installation
page for more information on the process and what we offer.

Camera Position

Authentication (CPA)

CPA (Camera Position Authentication) is used to monitor cameras for tampering or sabotage.

It also facilitates user-defined reporting channels for security personnel, technicians and security managers in the event that the camera is repositioned or fails.

AD / Activity


Video motion detection used for selected outdoor applications as well as indoors.

False alarms rarely occur with this system due to the reliable containment of global influences.

VMD / Video Motion


Specialized video motion detection designed for outdoor applications.

This system detects and differentiates depending on speed and direction so that 'authorised' motion, for example, exiting, will not activate a false alarm.



Classifies items captured in the image by speed, direction, size, and status (e.g. vehicle, unknown, person etc) and activates an alarm response as defined by the detection.
Number Plate


Using this software allows you to examine picture information for number plate details.

This software makes it easy to conduct database searches using registration numbers, as well as the management of access rights for vehicles and a wide range of other applications.

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