Types of Cabling

Types of Cabling

Here is a list of the types of cabling we use for the process of setting up, maintaining and checking our services and products.

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TA very simple copper cabling system that can be easily extended and run up to 200 meters.

  • 2 Wire
  • Coaxial


Digital cabling infrastructure is ideal for IP and network topology. Our technicians can create a digital security network throughout your building. This will provide flexibility as it's easy to expand the CCTV surveillance system by adding additional cameras to the network as required. Similar to computer networks, there is a cable limitation of approximately 100
meters. If your network exceeds this length we can add a fiber optic link.

  • Cat. 6
  • Cat. 6A
  • Cat. 7



In situations where the security cabling infrastructure exceeds 100-200 metres fibre optic cabling is used. It can be used to run between locations, suburbs and buildings. Running a large multi-core cable has the added benefit of spare cores that can be used for future expansions.

Most commonly, fibre optic infrastructure is used to extend a
network between remote areas and buildings. There are two
main types: single mode and multi mode.

Speed Dome


Cables always require a pathway and whether that involves pits in the ground or aerial routes, you are always required to physically connect your equipment to both ends of the cable.
Wireless systems offer a flexible alternative to these hard-wired set-ups. The only connection requirement for this system is a line of site and it's capable of transmitting for many kilometers.

While there is a large assortment of wireless products available, we recommend Alvarion WiMAX. This is an excellent product that works well in business and urban settings. With great
flexibility, it's easy to install a suitable security network system over multiple remote locations.

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